MoiFavs (mwah-faavs) stands for “My Favorites” – where we bring together our Favorite people to talk about their Favorite stuff. By Favorites, we mean the most interesting and on-trend folks who have the latest and most useful scoop – on all things Beauty, Fashion, and related lifestyle.

It was launched in June 2017 as a way to bring together the savviest and trendiest folks from the founders’ immediate and extended social circle – to start a conversation around the most loved brands, trends, and people – in Beauty & Fashion. Less than a year later, the fam is growing into a big extended community – with folks from all over the country and beyond, joining in to share their favorites!




Amenla Jamir | All the way from Nagaland, Amenla has a degree in Civil Engineering and an MBA from IIM Lucknow. She is passionate about exploring cultures and building online brands and communities.

MoiFavs_Founder_Amenla Jamir

Interested in the internet business, she worked in a few early-stage firms in Mumbai and eventually moved to Bangalore in 2014 to join the founding team of Housejoy – India’s largest home services startup, where she set up the Fitness category across multiple cities, which went on to become its highest customer rated business.

She is also one of the creators of Roots and Leisure –  an online community + marketplace for artists & passionate entrepreneurs.

Deeksha Khanna | Growing up all over India, Deeksha graduated from Delhi University and went on to do her MBA from IIM Lucknow. Her passion lies in creating & building businesses and meeting new people. 

MoiFavs_Founder_Deeksha Khanna

After a stint as a banker in Mumbai, she moved to Bangalore in 2014 to join the founding team of Housejoy – India’s largest home services startup. She created the Beauty Category for Housejoy and nurtured it to become the company’s largest business for the next two years. 

Passionate about street style, she also brings access to best of jewelry and all things dear, to people across the country through JanpathOnline – her hobby project.

Raga Rai  | Born in California, she spent most of her life in India and is now looking at building a career out of her passion for Media and Fashion.

MoiFavs_Raga Rai
Raga Rai

Growing up, she Raga traveled extensively all over India (Kashmir being one of her favorite stops) and that’s when she found her passion in capturing the beauty of Indian culture. Photography and social media are her areas of interests that keep her connected to the world of Beauty & Fashion across cultures.Working towards building a stronghold in the media space, the MoiFavs chapter has been a great learning milestone – where she helped build the community on social media.